Friday, 31 August 2012

Ale Möller

My apologies for not catching up on the blog neglect as I intended to. Somehow, I'm so much busier than I was last summer, so I find it so hard to make time for this blog nowadays. It is for this reason, that the blog will be undergoing some changes to the staffing team. This means that I will no longer be running this blog single handedly as my friend, who studies German and Music will also now be writing for this blog. I hope you like the change and of course the new perspective that will come with it.

I decided that Ale Möller should be featured in this week's blog post as I like his original spin on Scandinavian music, that he's created by combining Scandinavian music with the sounds of Shetland, Greece, India and West Africa. 

Ale Möller comes from Scania, in the south of Sweden. He began by playing the jazz trumpet but his music was influenced by Greek music, when he lived in Greece and learnt to play the bouzouki. I was quite amazed by the fact that he can play so many different instruments and that he has been a part of so many bands. He has also worked on duets with many different artists, so he has seen a lot of this world in many ways. As you can imagine, it's not hard to find examples of his contribution to the world of Scandinavian music, if you look in the right place because he has helped to create or been a member of the Ale Möller Band, Frifot, the Stockholm Folk Big Band, Enteli, Filarfolket, Ale Möller's Lyckliga Enmansorkester and Neo Minore.