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Thursday, 8 September 2011


I decided it was time to have a week without oud music, so I chose the Armenian band, Aravod, because I like the way in which their music is very fast-paced and upbeat, it reminds me a lot of gypsy music.

Although Aravod play Armenian music, they are based in Philadelphia and southern New Jersey.With their music they aim to spread the joyful and festive mood of Armenian dance music. They regard their music as a way of preserving Armenian culture, so they try to perform Armenian and Middle-Eastern music as authentically and accurately as possible. Some of the songs they sing, were composed, sung and performed by Armenians hundreds of years ago but some of their music is contemporary and doesn't tend to be associated with traditional Armenian "Kef" ensembles. Their diverse range of influences includes: Armenian folk and dance, modern Armenian continental/Estradayin and Rabiz, Arabic, South Asian, Latin, Rock, Blues, Jazz and Western classical music. Aravod is the only group in America, who has members that are skilled in performing both traditional and modern Armenian dance music.

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