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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sabrina Malheiros, Novos Baianos and BPM

Hi WMW fans. Due to technical difficulties with the wonders of wireless, this blog is seeing it's first ever guest post by Lucy's sister, Susie (@Schrubbel in case you're wondering). Lucy sends her apologies and left me with strict instructions not to post any naughty music (as if I would....).  

I’ve recently been dragging out my Bossa Nova compilations and having fun with Gilberto, Getz & Co in the October heatwave that hit a grateful UK after a damp, cold summer. That led me to the music of Sabrina Malheiros, who is one of a number of artists on the BPM (basically Brazilian pop) scene producing jazzy up-tempo music combined with smoother vocals. There’s something very 70’s about Brisa Mar, a song relaxed enough to admit that it’s only trying to have fun in the Sao Paolo sun.

For those who like things more jazzy than pop, Terra De Ninguem hits all the right notes with jazzy flute riffs and light vocals from the lady in question.  

For those who like a touch less electronica and more authentic acoustic Brazilian beats, there’s no beating Swing de Campo Grande by Novos Baianos, widely credited as having given wings to the BPM genre. 

 With any luck, Lucy'll be back next week to sail further into the uncharted waters of wacky but wonderful world music. 

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