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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Two in one: Xiang Sihua and the Kasbek Ensemble

As the title suggests, I'm trying to make up for the fact that I've failed to do a post on any music for a whole fortnight! As usual, I have a lot of work to do, so I'm having a few time management issues.

I decided that it was time for some more Chinese music and Klezmer music.

I chose to feature Xiang Sihua as my Chinese artist. I just love the way in which they prolongs the sounds, that they make with the guzheng. As you might have gathered, I haven't been able to find anything out about this artist, apart from the fact that they play the guzheng but if any one viewing this blog/blog post knows any more, I would very much welcome their enlightenment!

 I've chosen to feature the Kasbek ensemble as the Klezmer artists this time round because I like the way, in which they can evoke the emotions of their songs/compositions so well. All I know about this band is that they're an Eastern European band, who play Russian style Klezmer music. So again, anyone who knows anything more, is very much welcome to tell me more and I'll update this post if I can find out anything more.

Note this song (below) should be Heyser Bulgar:

 If you want to buy any music from the Kasbek Ensemble, I recommend buying it from iTunes, since Amazon only sell it in CD format and that costs £41.99!

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