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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Neun Welten

So for once this week's blog post is actually being completed on time. I thought I'd try and feature a different sort of music this week as I find myself recycling many sorts of music on a frequent basis, so I thought I'd choose a band that had a slight hint of new age in it to try and broaden the scope of this blog. If you don't like it though, do let me know!

I chose Neun Welten because I find their fusion of modern styles with folk music relaxing. Admittedly though sometimes their fusions are a little too outlandish for my liking.

Neun Welten are a German Band. Their name means, "nine worlds", because it's based on Nordic mythology. Because they have been influenced by Nordic mythology, some of their songs are portrayals of mythical places from Nordic mythology but their other songs are about personal impressions and feelings and what they perceive to be nature's magic. They regard their music as being based on folklore but their main aim is to convey a love of nature in their music.

This song is called, "Pan", but there is no such word in the German language, so I presume this is one of their songs which is named after a mythological place.

The name of this song means, "On a scraggy cliff" ("Auf kragem Fels").

I presume that this song is also named after a mythological place because "Valg" does not appear to be a word.

This song is called, "Frosthauch", which means "frosty breath", so I thought it would be a suitable addition to this week's blog post given the current weather conditions!

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