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Friday, 16 December 2011

Anouar Brahem

I thought that the time had come to do another post on Arabic music, so I chose Anouar Brahem for today's post. Anouar Brahem fuses his Arabic music with other sorts of music, and so this means that he has worked with many artists in his time as a musician. His incorporation of many different styles means that some of his compositions will be fast-paced and some will be of a slower pace. I tend to prefer his fast-paced music and sometimes I will find that I'm not so keen on the styles that he has fused together but I still feel that he deserves to have a post dedicated to him.

Anouar Brahem is an oud player, who comes from Tunisia. He is usually categorized as a jazz artist, although he creates fusions of jazz music with classical Arabic music and folk music. His playing is such that he is regarded as an innovative player in the world off jazz.

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