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Friday, 6 January 2012

Cracow Klezmer Band/Bester Quartet

I thought I'd feature the Cracow Klezmer Band because I like the way in which they create such an original sort of Klezmer music. 

The Cracow Klezmer Band is well known in the world of Klezmer for being unlike any other sort of Klezmer band because they have changed their music so that they play a more modern style of Klezmer, which is dark, complicated and combined with gypsy music. Their music is also different from what is usually considered to be Klezmer because they don't involve fantasies or laments and they are not versions of traditional Yiddish songs, that have been made into dancing tunes. The Cracow Klezmer band prefer to make original compositions, in which they repeat their ostinatos. Nevertheless, by using sounds like that of a creaking ship, which are not created by their instruments, they do adhere to some of the traditions of klezmer music. They are now known as the Bester Quartet.


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