Thursday, 18 August 2011

Farid Farjad

This is another post in which I was originally intending to do one artist and got led to another artist by YouTube. Although his music has a sad tone, the piano and the violin allow him to evoke the sadness in a very powerful manner. I certainly enjoyed it in spite of the fact that today was result's day and I met my offer!

Farid Farjad is an Iranian violinist, who has studied Persian classical music and Western music. The fact that he has studied Western music becomes very clear when you hear the way in which the piano is played. After receiving his masters degree in classical music from Tehran Music Conservatory, he became the first violinist in the Tehran Symphony Orchestra and taught the violin at the Conservatory. He now lives in America.

Do note that it doesn't necessarily sound great at the beginning but after 30 seconds it sounds beautiful.

If you'd like to listen to more samples of his music, here are the links to his albums on Amazon: Anroozha Vol. 1Anroozha Vol. 2Anroozha Vol. 3Anroozha Vol. 4 and Anroozha Vol. 5.

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