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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Hossam Ramzy

I discovered Hossam Ramzy a few days ago, when he was recommended to me by ARC Music. I really like his music because his music involves a great combination of percussion and arabic and north african music.

Hossam Ramzy was born into a family, which puts a great emphasis on education and the arts. His fascination with the art of percussion began when he was given a tabla (a traditional Egyptian drum) at the age of three. Many of his rhythms have been inspired by the insight into the cultural origins that he received as a result of joining several Bedouin tribes, while he was in Saudi Arabia. He came to London in the 1970s and worked with respected musicians as a jazz drummer. But eventually he returned to his passion for the Egyptian drums and the traditional dance rhythms of the Middle East. When he makes his music he often makes it from old traditional grooves and Arabic and North African samples and loops from his digital Studio in London. He had made a very popular composition, called Edony, which topped the dance charts internationally in 2001.

 If you'd like to hear more samples of his music, here are the links to his mp3 albums on Amazon: Sabla Tolo - Journeys Into Pure Egyptian Percussion, Sabla Tolo IISabla Tolo IIIClassical Egyptian Belly DanceBest of Hossam RamzyClassical Egyptian Dance by Hossam Ramzy (This is the album, which the composition I featured comes from), Baladi plusBest of Baladi and SaaidiSource of FireRhythms of the Nile - Introduction To Egyptian Dance RhythmsFaddah (Silver)Secrets of the EyeLatin Hits for Bellydance and Qanun el tarab.

These are the albums which he has recorded with other artists: Immortal EgyptEnchanted EgyptMusic for Bellydancing and Eternal Egypt.

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