Monday, 29 August 2011

Jim Stubblefield

I discovered Jim Stubblefield in connection with Behzad, so I thought I'd share his music with you because his melodies and rhythms are very addictive.

Jim Stubblefield started to take a serious interest in the guitar, when he studied the style of rock guitar with Wolf Marshall. After studying with Wold Marshall, he studied jazz guitar with Jody Fisher. While he was at college, he was influenced by Al Di Meola, John McGlaughlin, Yngwie Malsteen, Alex Lifeson, Steve Morse and Albert Lee. His range of influences widened when he graduated college and met the Kuwati oud player Waleed Hamad because he was fascinated by the acoustic guitar and he started to listen to Farah, Shakti, Strunz and Vicente Amigo. He began his professional music career, when he founded the world music band, Incendio, with Liza Carbe (bassist) and Jean-Paul Durand (guitarist).

At the beginning of this clip, you'll hear the radio introducing his composition, so I apologise for that but this was one of the few clips I could find of his solo work:
If you'd like to listen to more samples of his music, here are the links to his mp3 albums on Amazon: Guitarra Exotica and Inspiracion.

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