Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Liz Carroll

It took me a while to find Liz Carroll, when I was going through lots of celtic musicians but it was definitely worth the time and effort because she plays in a very lively and powerful manner.

Liz Carroll is an Irish-American, who was born in Chicago to Irish parents. Her family and community inspired her to work on her skills with her fiddle at the local Traditional Musicians Association. As a result of this, she has become a very talented traditional Irish musician. She won the all-Ireland fiddle championship for the under-18s in 1974 and in the following year she won the Senior All-Ireland championship. She is very well thought of in the world of traditional music and the Irish American Magazine included her on the list of the top 100 Irish-Americans in 2003. She was the first traditional Irish musician, born in America to be nominated for a Grammy award, after her album, Double Play (which she recorded with John Doyle), was nominated in the "Best Traditional World Music Album" category.

If you'd like to listen to more samples of her music, here are the links to her mp3 albums on Amazon: Double PlayIn Play (she also recorded this album with John Doyle), Lost in the LoopLake EffectLiz Carroll.


  1. I love the second track. One of my favourites from liz. I've met her backstage at festivals before. Lovely lady.

  2. Yes, her music is delightful, I really want to buy it!