Saturday, 20 August 2011

Yamato Ensemble

I thought it was time for another post on oriental music but I thought that it would be a better idea to feature some Japanese music, so after many samples of music I was led to the Yamato Ensemble. I like them because they use a great array of instruments and they are great at evoking tension and soothing music into one composition.

I haven't been able to find out very much information about this band, so all I can tell you is that it was formed by Richard Stagg, Aiko Hasegawa, Kikuko Satoh and Makoto Hasegawa and that they play old and contemporary Japanese chamber music.

If you'd like to listen to more samples of their music, here are the links to their mp3 albums on Amazon: Art of the Japanese Koto, Shakuhachi and Shamisen - A Selection of Old and New Japanese Chamber MusicJapanese Music by Michio Miyagi, Vol. 2The Art of the Japanese Koto, Shakuhachi and ShamisenJapanese Music by Michio Miyagi, Vol. 1 and The Art of the Japanese Bamboo Flute and Koto.

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