Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Ali Akbar Moradi & Kayhan Kalhor

I discovered Ali Akbar Moradi & Kayhan Kalhor while I was researching Persian music. I like their music because it's like classical music, in the sense that it has no words, so it's very relaxing in that sense and the combination of instruments works well.

Kayhan Kalhor is a Kurdish kamancheh player and composer of classical Persian music from Iran. His musical talent is such that he was playing in the National Orchestra of Radio and Television of Iran, when he was 13 years old. He's studied Persian radif and European classical music, so I suppose that is why he has such a wide range of musical influences. He uses play several different instruments and combines a range of the influences in his compositions but he nevertheless specialises in Persian violin music. He also tends to embody Persian classical music structures in the rich folk modes and melodies of the Kurdish Iranian tradition.

Ali Akbar Moradi is a Kurdish tabur (Kurdish lute) player, who also comes from Iran.

If you'd like to listen to more samples of the music from this album on Amazon, here's the link: In The Mirror of The Sky

These are the links to Kayhan Kalhor's other albums and collaborations with other artists on Amazon: The WindSilent CityVoices of the Shades (Saamaan-e saayeh'haa) and Night Silence Desert.

These are the links to Ali Akbar Moradi's other albums and collaborations on Amazon:  Breez and wheat fieldKurdish Music from Iran (Musique kurde d'Iran )Fire Of PassionThe Companion.

N. B. There are some mp3 albums which I could find on iTunes but not Amazon, so I recommend researching their music on iTunes aswell if you're interested.

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