Sunday, 24 July 2011


I decided that it was time to post some music from Eastern Europe because I've not yet posted any music from there. I looked through quite a few albums before I could find an artist, whose songs were on You Tube but I found Loyko while I was looking at Russian gypsy music. I really like the way in which they combine the guitar and the violin.

The Russian gypsy trio was originally established as a duet by Sergey Erdenko and Igor Starostelsev in 1990. But many musicians, such as Oleg Ponomarev, Vadim Kulitzkiy, Leonsia Erdenko, and Alexey Bezlepkin, have played in the band. All of these musicians have influenced the development of their music but gypsy music is the most important part of their music. Tours and meetings with other musicians at festivals have also given encouraged them to include Celtic, traditional Romanian, traditional Hungarian and European classical music in their music. The band is currently formed by Sergey Erdenko, George Osmolovskiy and Michael Savichev. 

If you'd like to listen to more samples of their music on Amazon, here are the links to their albums:
Loyko In Russia (this is my favourite album), The cold wind and Two Angels.

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