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Monday, 18 July 2011

Mc Solaar

I decided to venture back to Western Europe today for those, who are less interested in Asian/African music. Mc Solaar is another artist who I've discovered through my sister. I don't like all of his songs but I like the song I have chosen and some of his other songs because I like their rhythms and the way in which  Mc Solaar expresses his emotions.

His real name is Claude M'Barali. Mc Solaar is a french hip hop and rap artist, who is very popular in France and abroad, and has a lot of influence internationally. His music involves dance rhythms and it is well known for it's complexity due to his word play, lyricism and philosophical inquiry.

I chose to feature his song, La Vie Est Belle, because I often listen to this song when life is hard and I need a message to keep me going.

Here are some links to his albums, if you would like to buy his songs on Amazon:
Mach 6
Chapitre 7
La belle et le bad boy
Magnum 567 (Pack contenant 3 albums de MC Solaar : Cinquième As, Mach 6 et Chapitre 7)
Cinquième as (2010 Edition)


  1. Did you say asian/african? That's me!
    Found your blog site on the twitter. And let me tell you that it is so refreshing to read about someone who is so open minded about music around the world. I have been posting Music=world ambassador lately.
    Anyway, I'm not a huge fan of MC Solar, but I am a fan of The Saian Supa Crew another french hip hop troupe. Maybe you have heard of them, maybe not.
    Anyway, I am now following your blog and tweets and will spread the word about ya.
    Be well in the music world

    Yours truly
    Musashi Lethridge
    The Musashi trio

  2. I tend to concentrate more on Asian/African music but it wouldn't be fair to call it a world music blog if those were my two areas of concentration. It's definitely fun to meet other fans of world music, it really does not get enough attention for what it is! Thanks for the follow, the referrals and the suggestion, I haven't heard of The Saian Supa Crew, so I will check them out and I might indeed do a blog post on them :)!
    Elizabeth de Merclesden

  3. Oh by the way I also focus on Celtic/Irish/Gaelic music! I forgot to ask what kind of music your band produces?

  4. We rock the funk and blues. In bars and nightclubs where folks need a little re assuring. Every once in a while I tell folks
    "If ya get a chance to leave the USA for a bit, you'll notice that American music is also world music..." But you know bar crowds...they just want it loud and all night long. Love em all for the music!

  5. Thanks for the link, I really like your music!