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Wednesday, 13 July 2011


I was orginally going to post a song from an Irish band but while I was researching that band, I saw that Capercaillie was suggested by iTunes to those who liked traditional Irish music, so I decided to sample their music. On the whole I prefer the original band, whose music I was going to post but Capercaillie is another band and who has made a lot of songs which I dislike but has composed a few songs which I really like.

Capercaillie is a Scottish folk band, which was formed by Donald Shaw and Karen Matheson is the 1980s. They make their music by adapting traditional Gaelic songs and music with modern production music and they often combine different forms of music, and so I imagine that it was for this reason that they were the first musicians to record a Scottish-Gaelic song, which reached the UK Top 40 Singles Chart.

I like this composition because it's one of those Gaelic tunes, which puts you in a good mood because it's lively and has a cheerful tone.

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