Sunday, 31 July 2011


I discovered Chetes a few years ago, when he'd just relelased his first album and iTunes was promoting his music. I don't fully understand his songs since they're in Spanish but I often understand the title, so I often know what the song's about.

Chetes' interest in music was inspired by his father, who founded a band called Los Rockets. His musical career began when he formed a band called Zurdok with two other people. While he was in this band, they released three albums but the band eventually split up because the band members preferred different styles. Nevertheless, he formed a project band with his bandmate, Garza and Rodrigo Guardiola, called Vaquero, which just released songs in English. This led to Chetes attracting a wider audience because English is a more widely understood language. But a lot of the songs that he wrote while he was in the band, were not very well suited to the band because they were written in Spanish, so he sent samples of his music to a former drummer of the band Wilco and another band, called Uncle Tupelo. Uncle Tupelo and the former drummer were very impressed by his music, so they decided to be the producer's of his first solo album. He released his first album, Blanco Fácil, in 2006. The songs on this album were inspired by The Beatles and The Beach Boys, so that might very well explain why he received a Latin Grammy Nomination for writing the best rock song and a large promotion on iTunes Latino. He also collaborated with the singer Amaral to make a song for the movie Efectos Secundarios, so he's certainly enjoyed a very successful career.

There is an official video to the song I've featured but I prefer the original version of the song, so I've featured that instead.

If you'd like to listen to more samples of Chetes' music, here are the links to his mp3 albums on Amazon: HipnosisBlanco Fácil (It's cheaper to buy the CD of this album, if you live in America) and Efecto Dominó.

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