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Monday, 11 July 2011

Armand Amar & Lévon Minassian

Armand Amar & Lévon Minassian are some of the many artists I've discovered over the past 2 weeks. I like their music because it's very deep and calm, and therefore helps me to reflect. I also like the Asian feel of their music.

Armand Amar was born in Jerusalem and raised in Morocco. But the different styles of his music have been influenced by the fact that he experienced the cultures of Europe, North Africa and the East in early life.

Lévon Minassian is a doudouk player, who aims to share traditional themes and melodies, which are sacred or profane.

I have a great love of traditional arabic music, and so because they are very good composers of such music, it was yet again hard for me to decide, which composition I liked most. Nevertheless, if you'd like to discover more of their compositions, then you can look up their album: Songs From A World Apart.

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