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Tuesday, 5 July 2011


One of my favourite types of world music is Klezmer music. It all started when my sister gave me the CD, A Rough Guide to Klezmer, as a Christmas present. As you can guess I fell in love with Klezmer music after listening to the CD and thereafter began to find out more about the music of Klezmer artists and this led me to Kroke.

Kroke was founded by three friends, who were graduates from the Academy of Music in Krakow, and so I imagine that this is what led them to call the band Kroke because "Kroke" means "Krakow" in Yiddish. Their music is influenced by ethnic, Balkan and oriental music and they combine these influences with jazz.

Kroke is definitely my favourite Klezmer band, they have so many pieces of music that it's hard to single out my favourite tune but I've decided to share their tune "Usual happiness" with you today, although I'm sure I'll share many more with you in due course.

N.B. This isn't the best link but I couldn't upload a better video from YouTube, even though there are better videos on there, so if you're dissatisfied with this version, I'd recommend using this link instead: .

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