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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Les Yeux Noirs

I discovered Les Yeux Noirs, when I was researching Kroke's music. There's quite a lot of their music that I don't like so much because they incorporate a range of styles in music but I love their Klezmer and gypsy music.

Les Yeux Noirs is a French band, which was established by the two violin-playing brothers: Oliver & Eric Slabiak. They formed this band with Frank Anastasio, George Ene (The accordion player, who has now been replaced by Constatin Bitika), Pascal Rondeau and François Perchat, and they were later joined by Aidje Tafiel, Marian Miu and Constatin Bitika. They use Yiddish, Klezmer, Romani and jazz manouche styles in their music. Their music often involves traditional melodies but they often use other elements such as modern dance music of a Klezmer violin or Arabic drums.

I chose their song, Balamouk (from their album, Balamouk), which is one of their many compositions of Klezmer music. I just love the way in which it's so lively and cheerful.

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