Monday, 25 July 2011


I discovered Terakaft, while I was researching because their style is similar to that of Tinariwen's (a band featured in an earlier post) style. So I also like them because they combine traditional music of their country with the electric guitar.

 The music of Terakaft is similar to Tinariwen's music because it was founded by Kedou and Diawara, who were originally part of Tinariwen. Kedou and Diawara formed the band with the two young guitarists, Sanou and Rhissa. From what I can see they must have formed some time after 2005 because they performed their first concert and released their first album in 2007. The name, "terakaft", is a tamashek word, which means "caravan", so I suppose it means that they travel a lot like the members of Tinariwen.

If you'd like to listen to more samples of their music, here are some links to their mp3 albums on Amazon: Akh issudarAratan N Azawad (I'd say this was the best album), BismillaLive 2008 and Ishumar (Mali-Niger Touaregs) (This album features other artists). 

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