Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Sidi Touré

Sidi Touré is another artist I've discovered as a result of iTunes recommendations. I like his music because he plays the guitar in a very relaxing manner.

Sidi Touré is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Mali. He takes after Ali Farka Touré (who was featured in one of my previous posts) with respect to his style because he plays the songhai blues in an original droning fashion. His music embodies many traditions, including songhai and takamba, and he often sings about untraditional topics. He has had many unsuccessful attempts at trying to continue his musical career because a band that he was part of split and although the song featured is from his second album, he originally didn't enjoy enough success with his first album to make another album. Hopefully he will have more success with this album!

If you'd like to listen to more of his music from this album (Sahel Folk), here's the link to it on Amazon: Sahel Folk

This is the link to his first album on Amazon: Hoga

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