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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Le Trio Joubran

Le Trio Joubran is another artist I discovered on iTunes, while I was researching another artist of world music, so I definitely recommend using iTunes when you're looking up artists of world music because they give brilliant suggestions. I love almost all of their compositions because they remind me so much of Arabic street music.

Le Trio Joubran was formed in 2004 by the three brothers Samir Joubran, Wissam Joubran and Adna Joubran. Their mother sang the Muwachahats and their father is a famous stringed-instrument maker in Palestine and the Arabic world, so their family is very musical. The eldest brother, Samir, originally began his career as a solo musician, and while he was a solo musician, he released two albums: Taqaseem (1996) and Sou'fahm (2001). After releasing those two albums, he recorded an album of duets, Tamaas (2003) with his youngest brother, Wissam, and when he had returned from a tour, Samir suggested that they form a band with Adna and so the band became a reality in the Luxembourg Garden in Paris.

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