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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté

Ali Farka Touré is one of the many artists I've discovered over my many years of exploring the world music section of iTunes Music Store, I love the album, In The Heart of The Moon, that he made with Toumani Diabaté because all the tunes are very gentle so they always help me to feel calm and relaxed.

Ali Farka Touré is a Malian singer and guitarist but I tend to prefer the music, in which he just plays his guitar and doesn't sing, so there's a lot of his music that I don't have. The Rolling Stones magazine rated him as the 76th greatest guitarist of all times and I don't disagree with them.

Toumani Diabaté is a Malian kora player but he has also collaborated with other artists to make flamenco, blues and jazz music along with music of other international styles.

I again had trouble deciding which song to share with you but in the end I decided to share

Monsieur le Maire de Niafunké with you, so I hope you enjoy it! 

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  1. you need to check out the albums 'Talking Timbuktu' - Ali Farka Toure and Ry Cooder; and 'Kulanjan' that Toumani made with Taj Mahal. they both stand out for me, but you could easily write an entry for each guy separately. also, you will probably love this documentary:
    And finally, in my blog I recently wrote about 'Afrocubism' the supergroup of Malian and Cuban musicians that played in Ireland a few weeks ago. Toumani is a member. and RIP to AFT, I'm sure he would be too, were he with us.