Friday, 22 July 2011

Hamza Namira

Hamza Namira is another artist I discovered when I was looking at the world music section on Amazon's mp3 store. I liked his music because I love the arabic music in the background but when I began to discover more of his music and find out what it was about, I also liked the fact that his songs were very political.

Hamza Namira is an Egyptian artist, who started playing music when he was 17. He became the member of a band called, Love and Peace, in 1999 and his life and his music were very much influenced by Nabil Albaklie (the band's founder) while he was part of that band. He then went on to found a band with four other people called, Nomaira, in 2001 which became very popular and famous for singing songs about social issues and humanity but this band ended up folding after 3 of the members migrated. Hamza Namira is well known for discussing the social issues in Egypt and common problems and singing of the hope for change in his songs. I have to admit that I disagree with one of his songs, Insan, because he sings of the existence of Allah in these songs and I'm an agnostic veering towards atheism.

Nevertheless the song I've featured is about the 2010 protests in Egypt and the hope of positive changes for Egpyt, which I thought was quite appropriate given that there are still many protests going on in hope of changing the way that things are.

If you'd like to listen to more samples of Hamza Namira's music, here are links to his mp3 albums on Amazon:
Insan & Dream With Me - Ehlam Ma'aya

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