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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Söhne Mannheims

The Söhne Mannheims (Sons of Mannheim) was founded by Xavier Nadoo in Mannheim in 1995. Originally there were 17 people in the band but now there are 14 people. They are a Christian band and so they will often highlight injustices in their songs. The song I have chosen to share with you is one of those songs. The title means, "When you sleep", because they are singing about the hardships suffered by those who live on the street. I have to admit that I only began to like this song when I had a better grasp of German, so I hope that I'm not too unpopular among those of you who don't speak German.

Also, I'd just like to make an apology in advance to those who read this blog because I probably won't have internet access tomorrow and so I probably won't be able to share the songs of another artist with you. Nevertheless I fully intend to make up for this loss by doing two on Tuesday instead of one, so don't worry if you find that this blog hasn't been updated tomorrow.

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